Natasha Hall, Jon Pole take over as evening hosts on CJAD

Two and a half months after Natasha Hall left 92.5 The Beat with a mysterious new gig lined up that she couldn’t talk about, we finally know what it is: She’s taking over, along with Jon Pole, as the hosts of the weeknight talk show on CJAD, which replaces The Exchange as of next week.

The Exchange’s current hosts, Dave Kaufman and Dan Delmar, are both leaving that job. Kaufman is moving to London to be with his girlfriend and Delmar is taking a step back to focus on his PR business.

The new show is called The Night Side, and begins Monday at 8pm, CJAD announced. Pole hosts Mondays and Tuesdays and Hall hosts the rest of the week.

Pole, who founded My Broadcasting Corporation and has experience as a radio host mainly in Ontario, filled in a couple of times on The Exchange. You can hear one of his shows here:


10 thoughts on “Natasha Hall, Jon Pole take over as evening hosts on CJAD

  1. Michel

    If what I heard of Jon Pole during his passage at the helm of The Exchange in September is what we can expect with this new show, I will be looking for another station to listen to on weeknights. The level of discussion on his shows were of the type I’d expect on a CEGEP radio station. His “Let’s call people in the U.S. named Angus Reid” was sophomoric at best.

    I think that CJAD Program director Chris Bury squandered a chance to give someone like Toula Drimonis, who’s filled in quite a few times on the Exchange, a more permanent spot. She brings a smart and varied perspective to issues and would have given CJAD a different take on the questions of the day.

    1. Brett

      Besides CJAD your only choice for talk radio becomes CBC Radio One 88.5FM but you lose all local aspects weeknights.

    2. Media Man

      Toula Drimonis? Oh please! She screwed up when she was running the weeklies at Transcontinental publications..
      She was either let go or left on her own before they would have given the axe.

      She might be OK on ethnic media, but too out there on mainstream major media, maybe go in a small market to hone her craft.

      At any rate, if not playing music or broadcasting play by play, the evening shift is virtually a graveyard shift.. And probably more so if being run by Bell.

  2. dilbert

    CJAD continues to flail around looking for a solution to their evening ratings issues. They face a basic issue that the vast majority of their listeners coming out of the Aaron Rand show stop listening when they park the car and go into the house, and don’t come back until morning.

    If they were on FM, they could probably do better just playing music. As an AM station, that’s pretty much NOT going to work out. So they keep trying different types of talk radio shows, and for the most part they fail to really get any more traction than anything else they have had in that time period.

    One of the reasons I think is that CJAD spent a very long time training their listeners that their evening shows were unimportant compared to various sports, especially hockey. They have a lot of work to do to overcome that issue.

    I also think they need to overcome “news talk fatigue”. Having gone at the issues all day, especially in the 9AM to 6PM cycle, they may have already burned out most of the talkable stuff.

    Good luck to the new players. For Natasha Hall, I hope that this is just a small warm up gig before she gets moved into a more useful daytime period. The CJAD lunch time ratings aren’t as good as they could be, and perhaps changing it up with a younger female voice might make a difference. Don’t be shocked if a reasonable evening performance turns into a daytime gig by the time spring ratings period comes around.

    1. Al Kennedy

      Agreed w/ the news talk fatigue comment! Jon Pole was on all week and it was enjoyable. Big step up from the Exchange. Given time, may have possibilities.

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