Natasha Hall leaving The Beat

Natasha Hall, Sarah Bartok and Kim Sullivan.

Natasha Hall, Sarah Bartok and Kim Sullivan in their Beat gear at this year’s St. Patrick’s Parade.

I’m thinking this picture might be cursed. Three of The Beat’s female personalities in pretty cool-looking purple coats, and within months they all leave the station.

Unlike Sarah Bartok and Kim Sullivan, though, Natasha Hall’s departure is voluntary. She’s leaving for another job, though she wouldn’t say what it is exactly. But she seems pretty excited about it.

Hall’s job, doing news and traffic for the morning show, was posted by Cogeco Media, open for only a week and a half, suggesting they may already have someone in mind to fill it.

The station declined to comment on Hall’s departure.

Cogeco also posted the assistant program director job at The Beat, to replace the also-departing Ken Connors. The job posting doesn’t include any on-air duties. It’s interesting to be hiring a new assistant PD because the program director job is still being filled on an interim basis by Martin Tremblay.

UPDATE (July 22): Kim Kieran, currently doing afternoon traffic in addition to promotions work, has won Hall’s former job. She starts Aug. 15.

11 thoughts on “Natasha Hall leaving The Beat

  1. Lorne

    I guess no women from the Beat will want to have their picture taken at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade next year.

  2. Not saying my name this time

    Wild ass guess number one: Ken Connors (the station’s current APD) will move back on air to fill Natasha’s role, reuniting him with Cat (from their days at The Mix/Virgin). Ken has already done morning news. That would create the APD opening.

    Wild ass guess number two: Ken will be named PD, taking over from Martin Tremblay. That too, would create the APD opening.

    And I’m sticking to my initial prediction that Natasha is moving to the Global morning show.

    1. dilbert

      Well, that didn’t work out – Ken Conners last day for that organization has come and gone, out the door. It should be noted that the people he thanked seemed to be those who are already “gone” ahead of him.

  3. Anonymous

    Natasha Hall….CJAD weekends…replacing Dave?…the timing works…lots of experience…new blood….

    1. Gazoo28

      Dan Laxer should be the front runner to replace Dave.
      He’s been doing the Trivia show with him for years and has replaced him on occasion when he has been on vacation.

  4. Anonymous

    She will be missed love her voice in the mourning good luck and thank you for the wonderful mornings Natasha

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