And so it begins

The polls have closed, and results are already trickling in from four ridings.

The predictions: Liberals have a small chance of forming a majority, and the PQ has a moderate chance of forming a minority, but the most likely scenario sees a Liberal minority with the PQ in opposition.

The coverage:


  • CTV, CBC, Radio-Canada, TVA, RDI, CPAC, LCN and CTV NewsNet have non-stop election coverage.
  • TQS is starting its coverage at 9:30, and is showing a documentary on Valery Fabrikant right now.
  • Télé-Quebec is incorporating election coverage into regular programming, with Bazzo on right now and the seat projections on the screen.
  • Global is running regular programming and giving updates during commercials and having actual coverage only at 11.
  • The National Assembly channel is dead air.
  • CNN is updating us on Anna Nicole Smith.


  • CBC Radio One, Radio Canada (première chaîne), CJAD, 940 News, Info 690 and 98.5 are running election coverage.
  • CKAC has regular programming with updates.


  • The Gazette has abdicated its live coverage to Canadian Press, whose servers appear to be crashing under the load.
  • Ditto Globe and Mail.
  •, as usual, has its comprehensive online election section, though I can’t find riding-by-riding results. Riding-by-riding results are under “riding profiles”. Hardly intuitive.
  • Cyberpresse has CP covering the riding results, but is running regular story updates and blog posts.
  • Quebecor’s Canoe (Journal, TVA) has an excellent elections website, with easy-to-find riding-by-riding results.
  • CTV Montreal has no online coverage whatsoever. links to CP’s flash results.


2 thoughts on “And so it begins

  1. Copy Clerk

    I wait with baited breath for your election coverage. The fagstein has carried me through many breaking stories and I hope your dedication to this one is no different…


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