How to drive like an idiot

Adrian points us to a video on YouTube (among other places) called “Late for Work” of a young driver zigzagging through light traffic on the West Island. There’s a second video out there (I won’t link to it because it’s on a porn site) called “Late for School” of a similarly dangerous trip down Highway 40 in St-Laurent. Both videos are sped up, but it’s clear from the rest of the traffic that this guy is going fast.

What gets me about the video is not so much that some idiot is filming himself doing this, but the route he takes in it:

Late for Work route

Google Maps says the logical route above would take 11 minutes, which sounds about right. The video is about 3 minutes long. Assuming it’s sped up at about 5 times normal, that means not only did he act like an idiot speeding, but he also lost time.


One thought on “How to drive like an idiot

  1. Homer

    I realize this is an old post, but the route is not that stupid. I live near st-Charles and the 40 and I was late for a flight one morning and the taxi driver guaranteed me I’d make it but it would cost me more. He went all the way down the high way, and then took cote-de liesse and made it to airport in under 15 minutes. the reason that this guy did what he did is that he’s going to the petro canada and if he followed the logical route he’d get stuck in dorval circle for all 3 traffic lights…


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