Journal de Québec: only the beginning

The locked-out/on-strike workers at the Journal de Québec are getting money for the long-term. The FTQ’s mining union has offered a $750,000 interest-free loan, and other donations bring the figure they have to work with close to a million. The union, which is giddy over the extra money, now has a war chest to take this into the long haul.

The Journal has been producing mostly wire copy and Journal de Montréal stories since the labour disruption began in April.

3 thoughts on “Journal de Québec: only the beginning

  1. heri

    have you seen how the union focuses on the “fight” and the demonizition of Québecor instead of focusing on a path to solve problems? I am not supporting either party, but with an attitude like that, it will be years before they get an agreement. and at that time, journalists will have forgotten their trade, journal de québec would have lost their readers, and the public would be tired of everything.

  2. Nicolas

    Actually, Le Devoir bring more details then I could (obviously the journalist was at the press conference and asked the good questions). The SCFP strike fund is 34 millions strong. The ‘national’ give a strike pay of 200$ a week wich is supplemented by the ‘locals’ (there’s 3 of them involved). According to one of my source inside, the strike pay is as close as you can get to what the worker’s would get on Unemployed Insurrance. Apparently that the biggest worry of the worker’s is not money but not being able to have vacation… Also, the SCFP have set up a special fund –distinct from the strike fund– to cover the printing of Media Matin (wich apparently cost 18 000$ a day). It seem that the extra money gathered from other unions is currently saved “for latter”.

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