Howard Schwartz, Pulse News

The progression of Howard Schwartz

Remember Howard Schwartz? Yeah, neither did I at first, until investigative reporter J. D. Gravenor (who’s a great guy by the way) pointed out this video he posted interviewing Luciano Pavarotti at the airport in November 1982.

Schwartz was a reporter for Pulse News (which has since been de-branded into the pathetically generic CTV News Montreal) from 1982 to 1995. He left the station to enter the evil world of public relations (for, among other things, giant pharmaceutical companies), and now lives in the U.S.

He’s also a prolific YouTube user, having posted a couple of dozen videos. Perhaps the most interesting one is this video of him anchoring Pulse News in 1994:

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  2. Howard Schwartz


    I was amused to find your page, and quite honored. After I left PULSE I founded a media consulting and video production company, sold it and then moved to the US. I now live in New York.

    I keep in touch with my PULSE colleagues, and recently visited the new newsroom and had a souvenir photo while sitting at the new anchor desk. I had lunch with Joe Singerman a few weeks ago. We hadn’t seen each other since 1995. We realized that “our period,” 1982 to 1995 were special years with a steady, solid crew.

    I will always cherish those days. Some were interesting, some were boring, some were very happy and some very sad, some frustrating, some revealing, some hilarious.

    Be well, Montreal. Who knows. We may yet see you on the TV. Or Internet.

    Howard Schwartz, (formerly) Pulse News, New York.


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