2 thoughts on “Hydro-Quebec wants more too

  1. DAVE ID

    And it WILL be approved because the HQ Mafia will put out an argument that HQ Trans√©nergie is leaking money despite that the other 3 branches are making HUGE profits. And that these 4 branches are like 4 different corporations and can’t exchange monies, yada, yada, yada same old BS and no one will oppose them for very long. Meanwhile the employees make an average of 20% more than their homologues (can that be used in english?) in the private sector. I wonder where the money’s going?

  2. rio

    Every year HQ declares millions of dollars in profit, after all research costs are paid off by the way. They continue you to sell energy to US but never at same rate we consumers pay. It is not like we don’t have enough energy & not that it cost much more to make it. I don’t mind a .5 or less increase every 3 years. It is outragious what they ask for.


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