Cell Unlimited not above outright spam

Got this text message yesterday from a shady outfit called “Cell Unlimited” (typos are theirs, not mine):

Appels Sortants Locaux et Interrubains Illimites a partir10$/Mois!
Unlimited Local and Outgoing Calls for 10$/month!

From: 514-291-7194 (4pm Nov. 30, 2007)

I have, of course, never even heard of this outfit, much less had any business dealings with them that would give them the impression that they could text-message-spam me.

I’ve requested an explanation and will update this post if I get one.

(For the curious, the company is an automatic callback service that turns outgoing calls into incoming ones so those with unlimited incoming call plans can get free minutes. The fact that it costs $10 a month makes me wonder if it’s really worth it for most people.)

1 thoughts on “Cell Unlimited not above outright spam

  1. Steve Smith

    Well, I had the same text message, but from another phone number last week. First I did not beleive it. But actually, they give a 24hours free trial. I tried it. It works, but you are totally wrong It IS a Good Deal if you call long distance. They give Montreal,Ottawa,Toronto,Calgary,Edmonton and Vancouver for 10$ unlimited. You spend only 100 mins on rogers during the day for a month and that adds up to 25$ For local Calls.They charge .25cent a minute. But of course if you dont talk during the day, it is not worth it. Or If you like to call people and tell them to call you back so that you dont pay that another issue.


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