It’s another snow day! (mostly)

Since people have been Googling about school closures tomorrow (Monday, December 17), here’s a quick list of decisions that have been made as of 11pm Sunday. (Assume “open” means “tentatively open” and check the website before leaving in case they change their minds.)

School boards

(Decisions apply to all schools and head office unless otherwise indicated)

English private schools

(That I could think of, have your butler check the website (or CJAD’s list) if not listed here)

English CEGEPs:

Universities are usually open through all but the most crippling of snowstorms. Check individual class websites or student portals for details.

Doing my part

I was going to do some Christmas shopping today, but because (a) shopping malls amazingly are still closing at 5pm on weekends two weeks before Christmas and (b) I took one look outside, I decided to stay home and be one less strain on the transportation network.

That kept me in perfect position to see the lightning that everyone’s talking about, along with its acoustically suppressed thunder.

UPDATE (Dec. 18): The Journal wonders if the schools jumped the gun and if the closings were really justified.

1 thoughts on “It’s another snow day! (mostly)

  1. Zoey Castelino

    In my two years there, I don’t EVER remember Abbott being closed because of snow… then again, I lived a block and a half away, so walking through the snow (and yes, back then we had snow, son and I had to walk through it to get to school…) wasn’t the worst thing in the world. (Just for the record, snow and leather pants sometimes don’t mix… and only a dumb-ass Jersey girl would wear nylons and a skirt and try to walk through snow to get to class…)


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