Trains aren’t running on time

The Agence métropolitaine de transport has still not recovered from this weekend’s snowstorm, and trains on the Dorion/Rigaud line are still not opreating operating properly, forcing delays during every rush hour since, for a variety of reasons (but basically “snow” and “cold”).

Spokesperson Mélanie Nadeau says she hasn’t seen anything this bad in six years.

Which is the same thing she said Sunday, which was “the worst day since I started.”

And apparently it’s worse than breakdowns in May, when she said nobody could remember anything as bad in 10 years.

How many more worst days is the AMT going to experience?

UPDATE: My mother points out that I misspelled “operating” above. I live with the unending shame.

7 thoughts on “Trains aren’t running on time

  1. Dominic

    This isnt at all facetious, but you always seem to catch these people! Do you ever pick up the phone and say youre a journalist (you are) and ask them?

  2. Dominic

    And I see in the post right under this one that you do. Ooops! Call the AMT, this kind of local news is great, you really have a grasp of English Montrealers. Keep it up.

  3. Fagstein Post author

    Sadly, I’m embroiled in a labour dispute with Fagstein WorldMedia Ltd., and the union’s pressure tactics involve forbidding its members from making more than one phone call a week.

    The union is demanding a new collective agreement that hikes salaries by 30,000% from its current $0.00 per hour. They also want benefits.


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