Bye bye, ByeByeLogement

Here’s one of those “really stupid business plans” examples: A startup called ByeBye Logement launched a month ago. For the low low price of $7, you can put a classified advertisement announcing an apartment for rent of sub-lease for 90 days on their website. It becomes part of a massive searchable database (a global search reveals they have a grand total of three listings across Canada right now).

Now, you might ask, why should I pay money to add an apartment-for-rent listing to a website nobody’s ever heard of (and whose visitors can’t even get access to my contact info without signing up first) when I can post to Craigslist or MoreMontreal, high-traffic sites with thousands of listings, for free?

And if you’d asked yourself that question, you clearly would have done a lot more market research than the people behind

3 thoughts on “Bye bye, ByeByeLogement

  1. Fagstein Post author

    1. Ah! My eyes!
    2. Doesn’t work on Mac. Asks me to install a plugin that doesn’t exist, or download a Windows-only viewer.
    3. Because the site requires the plugin to navigate, I can’t evaluate the site.

    Hence, FAIL.


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