Montrealers for More Facebook Groups!

Everyone knows that real change doesn’t come from letter-writing campaigns, action groups, hired lobbyists or complaints to the media. Real change comes from joining Facebook groups. Because when you’ve joined a Facebook group advocating something, politicians notice.

Or maybe it’s just journalists, with column inches to fill, who take notice. And their editors, desperate to show that they’re hip to this Internet thing, encourage them.

So in that spirit, here are some local-interest Facebook outrage groups. Look for stories about them in your local newspaper soon:

4 thoughts on “Montrealers for More Facebook Groups!

  1. Karine

    So maybe it’s not economically sound to open up the metro all night but I think it should on special occasions like new year’s eve or during the summer time. They did it for the millenium change…

  2. Bryan

    How about “Fair copyright for Canada”

    With over 40000 members and 300 members locally, this national group was widely thought to have put the brakes on some poorly thought out legislation by the tories.

    Oh and Paper or Plastic… that’s so 1970.
    It’s paper NOR plastic. They’re called reusable bags. Yes I’m a member of that one. :)

  3. Marc

    That is damn true. Facebook (and the Web in general) is becoming the new inspiration source for journalists. Not always true or serious, but well… easy !

  4. Josh

    There are places in the world where parts of subway systems (or entire systems) have regular service through the night.

    Why don’t the tracks in those places require maintenance?


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