7 thoughts on “41 years and counting

  1. Karine

    Y’a know, if the Leafs were in the finals against the latest expansion team from Mobile Alabama, I’d still couldn’t bring myself to root for T’ranna.

  2. Justin

    Someone else feel that in Quebec, Francos hate the Bruins and Anglos hate the leafs ? Which isn’t to say they are mutually exclusive, but I find that Francos seem to despise the Bruins more then the leafs.

    But as an Anglo, I did a little dance Friday morning when I read in La Presse that the LEAFS ARE OUT!!!!!

    Man do I hate that team.

    Go Habs Go

  3. Zoey Castelino

    As someone who lives in Toronto and has been to her fair share of games (albeit because of a press, so does that even make me a fan?) I have to tip my hat to the regionally catered commercial and BestBuy’s smart move, playing to the masses of the Hab-Nation. But really, after a season such as the one the Leafs went through, is it even necessary to laugh or are we just beating a dead horse?

  4. Mark

    Yes, thanks. As Leaf fans, we’re never aware of how long our Cup drought is. Because we all have single digit IQ’s.

    I, as a Leafs fan, have nothing but respect for the Habs and their fans. Respect as an original six rival, and for always making each game against each other that much more intense. The least you could do is show us the same amount of respect.

    But no, we’re dumb Leafs fans who don’t want our team to make the playoffs one year, compete heavily for years to come, and hopefully one year win it all. Because we cheer for them. And some of us go to their games.


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