Nosiree Bob

Just as the St. John’s Telegram sings his praises (the article is reprinted in today’s Gazette), comes the unconfirmed-but-they’re-really-sure-about-it news from the Globe that the CBC is phasing out veteran play-by-play announcer Bob Cole. This will be his final Stanley Cup broadcast, though he’ll stay on for regular-season games next year.

Listening to tonight’s game, it’s hard to challenge the decision.

2 thoughts on “Nosiree Bob

  1. Atom Ant

    “…..and its Antropov over to Devereaux….Devereaux back to Sundin….Sundin hits the blue line and passes to Steen…dumps it to Tucker who shoots!!!!!…and the canadiens goaltender makes the save…….and now here come the canadiens. They hit the red line three across…but its broken up by Bell…who moves it quickly to Blake….Blake over to Stajan…now to Wellwood..and drops it for Kaberle who leaves it for McCabe…the shot and Foster just misses the open side.
    Now here come the canadiens…….
    And on it goes….Saturday night after Saturday night.
    Good riddance!


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