Another radar trap alert service of dubious morality

LCN has picked up the scent of, a website that seeks to help drivers with speeding tickets by letting them know where radar traps are.

If that sounds familiar, it’s similar to a service being offered by SOS Ticket, which I wrote about in January. Both are perfectly legal, though the fact that they’re undermining police efforts, and they’re not all that effective in their task, do raise some eyebrows.

It’s also unclear how plans to support itself financially if it’s not asking for any money from users.

But hey, anything to help reckless speeders.

1 thoughts on “Another radar trap alert service of dubious morality

  1. Marc Samson

    You are wrong. The people are fed up with income tax. It is an income tax.
    If the government really want to slow down the drivers, lower the points d’inaptitudes to 5. That’s it


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