Ways around duelling debates

Tonight, seven politicians take the stage in much-awaited debates that will set the stage for the future of two countries. Five of them in Ottawa, in the English leaders’ debate, and two of them in St. Louis, in the one and only U.S. vice-presidents’ debate.

In case you want to watch one live and another later (or you’re switching between the two and miss something), you can catch replays on TV and online. Clips from both will no doubt be on the Internet quickly as well.

Unlike most TV programs, the debates don’t really have any copyright or licensing concerns attached to them, so there should be no problem finding copies of them online.

Leaders’ debate

  • Live tonight at 9pm on CTV, CBC, Global, CBC Newsworld, RDI, CTV NewsNet and CPAC
  • CPAC replays the debate at 11pm ET and it will be available as video on demand (as they have already done with the French debate)

VP debate

  • Live tonight on ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, CNN, MSNBC, Fox News
  • CNN replays the debate at 1am ET
  • CPAC has the debate live online and will replay it on TV at 9pm tomorrow

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