7 thoughts on “Lebensraum*

  1. steph

    I’d be tempted to give this one a waiver just because I thought the execution of the subtitling was awesome. So on sheer artistic merit

  2. Tim

    (Puts on his Pickelhaube-shaped pedant’s hat.)
    I believe you meant to entitle your entry “Lebensraum“, alluding to the Nazi concept of a Greater German ‘habitat’ (literally a ‘space for living’) in Europe. “Liebensraum” would be a ‘space for love’.
    (Takes the hat off and stores it safely before he puts someone’s eye out.)

    Otherwise… Nice find. A touch over the top, but fair game. Thanks for sharing.

    P.S.: little known fact… Otto von Bismark, totally a pedantic douche! =)


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