I love you too, smoke-free TV people

CFCF's Rob Lurie, at his most smokalicious

CFCF's Rob Lurie, at his most smokalicious

A smorgasbord of government organizations and nonprofits is sponsoring Quebec’s anti-smoking week next week, and part of the campaign features videos with TV personalities giving heart-felt thank-yous to loved ones who helped them quit smoking, while sitting on the floor of the same living room. Each video ends with “je t’aime” (or “I love you”) in a serious, look-you-in-the-eyes way that seems to walk the line between tear-inducing and creepy (though maybe I’m overly sensitive in this regard).

Included in that list is token anglo CFCF’s Rob Lurie (above), TVA’s Dominic Arpin (who writes a blog post about the experience shooting this piece), RDS’s Pierre Houde and Jacques Demers, and a bunch of other people equally split between the media partners (they even got the two guys left at TQS).

Kidding aside, they’re pretty gut-wrenching videos, designed to make people uncomfortable and get them to talk to their parents, kids, siblings, spouses and other loved ones about quitting smoking.

3 thoughts on “I love you too, smoke-free TV people

  1. french panic

    I’ve only seen the Rob Lurie one, but that was definitely NOT gut-wrenching. More like bile-producing. It left me wondering who the hell is Rob Lurie and why is he speaking to the camera in such an annoying, condescending manner?

    Then it becomes clear he is speaking to his niece (…)* and I was left wondering whose genius (read: stupid) idea it was to waste money on this sentimental garbage.

    And look! You’ve answered my questions! Bravo! Too bad the commercial/odd attempt at a PSA didn’t. Though it did inspire me to shut off the TV, so….

    *Ed: This comment was edited to remove unnecessary personal attacks. Please keep it clean, people.

  2. Try Montreal

    I thought the ad was very effective. Mr. Lurie did a wonderful job portraying someone who is passionate about not smoking and thankful for someone who
    loved him enough to tell him to stop.

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