The block that time forgot

Funny story: I was walking along Ste. Catherine St. W. with a friend from out of town yesterday after having seen this Slumdog Millionnaire movie that everyone’s talking about (and now I know why). As we walked by the boarded one-block slum between Lambert-Closse and Chomedey, I described the old Seville Theatre as “the block that time forgot” and how the fact that it’s dead space has put an economic damper on the block and its surroundings.

As we get to the corner of Chomedey, I spot Gazette reporter Jan Ravensbergen and photographer Pierre Obendrauf. Turns out they’re doing a story about how the Seville Theatre building is going to be torn down for a development project.

This actually got turned into two stories for today’s paper: one about the development project itself and another about local reaction to it.

The project would require the tearing down of a once architecturally significant building fa├žade. But even the architects and heritage activists admit there’s nothing worth saving anymore.

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