STM to add Habs West Island shuttle bus

Thanks to Linda Gyulai’s most excellent CityHallReport Twitter account for tipping me off to the fact that starting Tuesday, the STM will be offering a shuttle service for Canadiens fans in the West Island as part of a partnership with the team and its The Goal is Green campaign.

It’s a one-way shuttle, leaving the Bell Centre 15 minutes after home games, and dropping off at “three specific locations”: Dorval, Pointe-Claire and Fairview.

Regular STM fares apply.

Speaking of the Canadiens, they’re looking for an in-game animator. Must be pretty photogenic and of a “pleasant appearance” and be fluently bilingual.

5 thoughts on “STM to add Habs West Island shuttle bus

  1. Shawn

    I question whether people with the bucks to take their families to Habs games will want to pack themselves or their kids onto some bus.

    NHL tickets have become a luxury item and I suspect most fans will want to travel there accordingly.

    Still, it’s worth a try.

    1. Fagstein Post author

      The Alouettes have a game-time shuttle bus which connects downtown metro stations to Molson Stadium. The big draw is that people don’t have to worry about parking. I expect parking freedom will be a draw here too.

      Not to mention how fun it could be to be on a bus packed with Habs fans after a home win.

  2. Jean Naimard

    I wonder how much the STM bills the Canadiens whenever some bus driver sets the destination sign to blink “GO CANADIENS”…

  3. Homer

    Fagstein! I hadn’t seen this before and was lucky enough to get a ticket the game last night. I love to complain about the STM, but this is a really great service. After having quite a few beers at the game (what a performance by Halak!) I was walking to the train station and saw some STM employees with huge signs “mounted” over their heads directing people to the shuttle to the “West Island”.

    Couple of things to mention:
    1. The bus is numbered 555 and will only stop at Dorval / Pointe-Claire Train Station if requested.
    2. The bus is at the bottom of the stairs down from the Windsor Station Courtyard to St-Antoine.
    3. The first bus left the stop at 10:25. A full 30 minutes after the game ended. Plenty of time!
    4. There was talk about making it FREE after games.
    5. The driver was really friendly! Always a plus!

    It was MORE efficient than driving and I can walk home from Fairview. Total trip time was only 25 minutes to Fairview Pointe-Claire. The driver even asked everyone (only about 8 people) where they were getting off, so he didn’t make any stops at Dorval or Pointe-Claire train station. Would have been 35 minutes with those stops which is still great.

    It would be great if they started this exact same service a few times a night, or even late into the night. Would really cut down on drunk driving. If they could have it depart from Central Station or something AFTER rush hour like 9,10,11 PM and maybe even 12:00am it would be great. Have a few drinks with friends, catch the bus around 11:00 or even midnight to get to Fairview and then take a shorter (and CHEAPER) taxi home or walk it off.

    Well done STM, well done!

    P.S. You don’t HAVE to be at the game to take the bus, it’s a regular STM fare. So, if you’re watching it at a pub and it’s a home game, just come down and grab it! People need to start using this service or we will lose it!!


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