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Agrandir le plan

The Minister of Transport today released a list of intersections in Quebec where photo radars will be installed to catch people running red lights.

Radio-Canada did the obvious thing with it: creating a Google map.

These kinds of things are much more useful than lists, as I learned when I created a Google map of dangerous overpasses last year.

4 thoughts on “Google Maps helping the story

  1. Tim

    Thanks for the info! But it seems that it’s more than just red lights they’re watching for! The A-15/20 Atwater exit and Chemin McDougal (you mean that southern span of Côte-des-Neiges has its own name?) seem to be checking for speed, not running reds.

  2. DAVE ID

    I can’t remember which town in the US (in Texas I think) the cameras were removed because people were so paranoid about the surveillance that ticketing went down so drastically the city was loosing money from the normal income coming from ticketing because no one were running the red lights anymore or speeding.

  3. Bob

    If they’re installing photo radar on the Decarie and 15/20 to catch people speeding above the 70km/h limit, then the city will soon be so flush with cash that we’ll be able to fix the water mains AND build a new Olympic stadium.


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