CHUM Radio cuts jobs; Two laid off at Team 990

Bonnie Brownlee at CTV isn’t having the best week. Today she issued yet another press release with bad news, saying that CHUM Radio (which CTV owns) is eliminating 40 jobs at stations across the country, including CKGM Team 990 in Montreal. It breaks down as 17 terminations (which hurt current employees) and 23 unfilled vacancies (which hurt future radio people and those already laid off).

At CKGM, CHUM Radio tells Fagstein there will be two layoffs and one unfilled vacancy.

This comes a day after CTV announced it was shutting down two A-channel TV stations in southern Ontario, and a week after saying it would put up a Brandon TV station for “sale” (giving it away to anyone who wants to pay for its upkeep).

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