My photo on a T-shirt

Dominic Arpin on a T-shirt (

Dominic Arpin on a T-shirt (

I was just reading a post on Dominic Arpin’s blog about how he noticed a picture of himself in a video on (click on “Les infos”). It’s silly, but we bloggers are a vain group sometimes, we love talking about how other people are talking about us.

It’s cute, a picture of Arpin being made into a T-shirt. But something seemed familiar about the picture. It looked similar to one I’d taken of him at a YULblog meet last year.

The original photo from my blog

The original photo from my blog

In fact, it’s the same photo, apparently taken through a Google Image search. Needless to say, they’ll be hearing from my lawyers soon.

Oh wait, I don’t have any lawyers.

Well that’s ok. My outrage is tongue-in-cheek anyway. People can do what they want with my stuff for personal use (you know, build a shrine to me or something). So long as they’re not selling them I’m OK with it. But would some credit have hurt? At the very least they could have asked me for a high-resolution version instead of taking the 450-pixel wide one on my blog.

I could have even given them the non-cropped version:

The Dominic Arpin original

The Dominic Arpin original

Of course, it’s really Arpin that makes the photo with his adorable little smile there.

Maybe I should make some T-shirts out of it. I could make a career out of printing T-shirts of Quebec blogger celebrities.

1 thoughts on “My photo on a T-shirt

  1. Jay St-Louis

    Oups! …Oubli pas très cool de ma part! Désolé!

    …Le pire c’est qu’avant-hier, je portais le t-shirt et une amie m’a demandé d’où venait la photo!

    Bon ben, je vais sortir un post sur mon blog ce soir et je te donnerai crédit, et je mettrai un lien vers ton (excellent) blog! J’espère que tu veux pas me battre! :p


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