La Presse? What’s that?

Speaking of the linguistic divide, this from a story in the Globe and Mail about the state of newspapers:

In Canada, every major newspaper company (including The Globe and Mail) has undertaken significant layoffs in the past year and the Halifax Daily News has folded.

Now, I follow Canadian media pretty closely, and it’s true that Canwest, CTVglobemedia, Sun Media, Torstar, FP Newspapers, and the Halifax Chronicle-Herald have announced layoffs. But unless I missed an announcement somewhere, Gesca (La Presse, Le Soleil) and Le Devoir haven’t, and certainly haven’t undertaken “significant layoffs” unless they did so secretly.

But I guess since they’re French papers, they don’t count.

Come on, people, I can’t keep this country together by myself.

3 thoughts on “La Presse? What’s that?

  1. Mr. Robertson

    As I said in the other post, I don’t believe there’s any point in trying to keep the country together anymore. English Canadians have more in common with Americans than with Francophone Quebecers.

  2. chris the anglo

    Aren’t these gigantic and rather heterogeneous nation-states the 19th century manifestation of free trade blocs anyway? Germany, Italy, France, the US, Russia, Canada… What is going to be gained by trying to hold in reluctant partners (well besides tax revenues and power)

  3. Chris Lamothe

    Come on, people, I can’t keep this country together by myself.

    Well said. Meanwhile, Quebecor/Sun Media owned Jasper Booster has folded, meaning four more jobs lost. Not a big surprise when you have two weeklies for a town of 5,000.


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