6 thoughts on “I wanna know what I wanna eat, you know?

  1. Frank

    Past couple months I’ve been referring to http://www.topmenu.com. Granted you cannot order directly from but it narrows down the availability of restaurants in my neighbourhood.
    I’ll give OrderIn time as being new, they have nothing in my area.

  2. Zain

    Steve, you should have put a “Anything wrong with this video???” tag: the flyer he picks up is of Souvlaki Georges, which doesn’t have pizza, and is open until 5 am, everyday, and seeing as it’s clearly mid-day, and sunday (as he says), they are open. Not the best ad, and sorry for being anal.

  3. Feras Arafe

    We’re a very new company, only 6 months with a strong presence in the downtown region, hopefully by end of the summer we’ll have a lot more choices.


  4. Feras Arafe

    Not anal at all, quiet the contrary i love your sense of observation, the video was intended for an audition at the Dragons Den, we found out last minute and had to put something together in one day, the intro is too long, and doesn’t really tackle the problem Orderin.ca solves but for a days worth for work, i think its ok, definitely not a promotional video thought. When we launch our video scheduled in September 09, ill be sure to look for your review.



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