Important person in an accident

Hugo Dumas has the details of the car accident that sent TVA host Pénélope McQuade to hospital over the weekend on Sunday.

The short version is that she was driving down the highway when she tried to connect her iPod to her car audio system, and her car drove off the road, ejecting her through the sunroof. She’ll need months to recover.

This kind of non-fatal accident happens regularly on Quebec roads. Usually it’s only the ones that result in fatalities that make it into the paper, and even then it’s only a brief.

But McQuade is on TV, and that makes her more important.

On the positive side, hopefully her experience will convince other drivers to pull over before doing something as boneheadedly dangerous as fiddling around in the glovebox.

The report is that her face, arms and neck (those things visible when you’re on TV) are all in good shape. Let’s see her on some SAAQ ads when she’s better.

6 thoughts on “Important person in an accident

  1. Frank

    LCN mentioned she unbuckled her belt to reach for her iPod thus being ejected.
    Here’s to an uneventful recovery…

  2. BruB

    It’s still going to be less annoying than American TV milking the “Octomom” story or the English Canadian TV overtalking about the Q interview with Billy Bob! Come on Fagstein, it’s normal for it’s own TV to talk about it’s star, sad part about that, most people want to hear about it!

  3. Andrew

    and her car drove off the road, ejecting her through the sunroof.

    I would’ve paid good money to see this happen live

  4. Bryan

    I wonder if all the latest measures taken by the local and provincial governments (speed cams, more cops etc) to decrease fatalities will eventually be balanced out by tech related accidents in the future. People texting while driving…reprogramming their GPS units…plugging in music players…

    Unfortunately most of these items would be unmeasurable.

    1. Fagstein Post author

      A lot of technology is designed to make things easier in a car, by not requiring too much attention or too much use of hands. The model car McQuade was driving has since moved the location of the iPod plug to the centre dash to prevent these kinds of problems.

      But no technology will make up for the fact that a lot of drivers think they can take their eyes away from the road for a few seconds if they’re driving down a straight highway with low traffic. Technology didn’t cause that problem, and it won’t solve it.

  5. david sartison

    i was truly sorry to hear about penelope’s accident, i watch her problem every weekend just to see her. hope her recover is quick and she’s back on tv soon. take care penelope. you’re the best.


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