I thought this vehicle only existed in Simpsons parody form until now.


Note the rig-style side mirrors, roof-mounted horns and lights.

Truck left

And the handlebars and step needed to get inside.

Truck driver

You know, if your truck is so big you have to get on your tippy-toes to peek into the window, maybe it’s too big for you to drive.

Truck driving

Especially when you’re taking it to a bar on Bishop Street.

9 thoughts on “Overdrive

  1. Eric

    I saw a black one like this going west down Rene Levesque right by Bishop about a week ago. I don’t think it was the first time I saw one though.

  2. Jim J.

    I do like how you filed this under “douchebaggery.” All it needs is a set of steer’s horns (as in, cattle) affixed to the hood. Very Montreal.

    But who wins? This guy, or the guy who parked across the entire front of the Bixi stand? http://blog.fagstein.com/?p=5813

  3. Jean Naimard

    Somehow, I find it quite heart-warming to see that there is something even worse than the Hummer…

    (Yeah, I’ve seen some before, on Crescent).

  4. Alastair Yates

    WOW! That is one of those International Trucks! They are extremely rare (and expensive), I’ve only seen one or two!


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