4 thoughts on “It’s coming

  1. Maria Gatti

    I’m looking for a couple of folding lawn-chairs for my balcony. I know someone who scored an antique brass bed.

    Christmas in July?

    Be careful though, people, as there has been a resurgence in bedbugs of late in all major Western cities. So inspect and wash all hard furniture you bring in, and turn down upholstered stuff if you don’t know who owned it and know they don’t have an infestation (and very clean households can be infested).

  2. Cameron D

    Gee! I sure hope my car get block in my parking spot again this year! I shouldn’t be driving anyway because the cost of gasoline is so high.

    Je l’espoir sûr que ma voiture obtient bloqué dans le parking encore cette année. Je ne devrais pas conduire de toute façon, parce que l’essence coûte trop.


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