STL fares for 2010 (plus discount offer)


Fresh off the media blitz of announcing their new user information system (including an in-house video) and a scandal involving alleged corruption (or at least the appearance of a conflict of interest), the Société de transport de Laval tabled its budget and announced its 2010 fare table.

Here’s the skinny:

2009 2010 Difference
Single fare $2.60 $2.75 +5.8%
8 tickets (regular) $18.50 (8x$2.31) $18.75 (8x$2.34) +1.4%
8 tickets (reduced) $13 (8x$1.56) $13.25 (8x$1.66) +1.9%
Monthly pass (regular) $76.50 $78 +2.0%
Monthly pass (intermediate) $61 $62.50 +2.5%
Monthly pass (reduced) $46 $47 +2.2%

The STL is also throwing a carrot to its regular users, offering a month free if they sign up for automatic payment of their passes on the Opus card for 12 months.

They’re also offering a one-time rebate worth one monthly pass for people getting a monthly pass on the Opus card for the first time.

10 thoughts on “STL fares for 2010 (plus discount offer)

  1. Alex T.

    So if I understand correctly, I’ll get a month’s free Laval transit if I show up and buy a new OPUS card?

    Great! But who in Laval uses JUST the STL buses… I guess this won’t work for a TRAM 3 pass.

      1. Jean Naimard

        I must not have all my bolts lined up together today, but how this prevents one from buying a new Opus card and loading up a free pass???

        1. Fagstein Post author

          The pass isn’t free per se – you’re credited with the cost of a pass when (a) you’re a new user and (b) when you’ve purchased 11 consecutive months of passes. Presumably they ask you to identify yourself for the former so you can only take advantage of it once.

      1. Summer Cyclist

        Now that it’s up and running, I have a few questions:

        1. Do you have to get a new OPUS card to use it? Is the new card free with the subscription, or do you have to pay for it?

        2. Is the subscription service the only way to register your OPUS card so that it can be replaced if it is lost or stolen?

        3. Can you only sign up if you want 12 months of passes? What if I don’t need a pass in the summer because I ride my bike?

        1. Fagstein Post author

          1. The literature says nothing about having to get a new OPUS card, or getting it for free. So it’s probably the same $3.50 as usual.

          2. I’m not sure if the STL even offers to replace your OPUS card under this system. They’re supposed to have a system to replace everyone’s Opus card (and the fares on it) for the price of a new one, but it’s being delayed for some reason.

          3. Yes, you need 12 consecutive months of passes to get the discount.


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