Let it snow

I went to a snowball fight today.

CJFM (Virgin Radio) had this promotion where they’d bring in snow and have people throw snowballs at each other in the middle of a July heat wave.

The station has video of the event, as does Canadian Press. I took some pictures which I’ve posted below.

The event – just across the street from Place Jacques Cartier in the Old Port – lasted about 15 minutes before the Virgin folks quietly departed into their air-conditioned SUVs, the pile of snow having turned to less appetizing dirty slush.

Still, a fun way to spend 10 minutes in the middle of a heat wave.

Bags of ice are brought in

Emptying the bags of snow (or, more accurately, crushed ice)

Yes, that's Mark Bergman on the right - in desperate need of a belt.

Cousin Vinny enjoys the fun

Mark Bergman is interviewed, asked if this event is just an excuse for him to wear his shades

I understand it's in Bergman's contract to have girls dancing around him wherever he goes

Ten minutes later, the snow has turned mostly to slush

3 thoughts on “Let it snow

  1. Vahan

    Looks like it was fun. Here is an idea for mid January. Flamethrowers. Ahhhhh the heat would be welcomed at minus 30.

  2. Maria Gatti

    I was chatting with Murphy, the big redheaded guy from Newfoundland who works at Segall’s, the notorious but thankfully cheap “stinky store” at the corner of St-Laurent and Duluth, and we were saying some business should do that this week as a promotional device. Not hard to predict though.

    I still prefer this heat to winter cold waves, though we didn’t get much serious cold or snow this past winter.


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