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Let it snow

I went to a snowball fight today.

CJFM (Virgin Radio) had this promotion where they’d bring in snow and have people throw snowballs at each other in the middle of a July heat wave.

The station has video of the event, as does Canadian Press. I took some pictures which I’ve posted below.

The event – just across the street from Place Jacques Cartier in the Old Port – lasted about 15 minutes before the Virgin folks quietly departed into their air-conditioned SUVs, the pile of snow having turned to less appetizing dirty slush.

Still, a fun way to spend 10 minutes in the middle of a heat wave.

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Snow + forts + hundreds of people = epic

Rather than put all 60 photos in a post, I’ll just link to my Flickr photo set from yesterday’s epic snowball fight at Mount Royal Park (the one I told you about and was announced on Facebook and Craigslist).

I wasn’t the only one taking pictures. Another Flickr set is up and I’m sure more will follow.

There are also lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of YouTube videos.

For those unclear, the fight was to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Guerre des Tuques.


Giant snowball fight planned for Sunday

Apparently a giant snowball fight is being organized on Facebook to take place starting at 2 p.m. on Sunday. Participants are encouraged to build snow forts a day earlier, and to abide by various rules of fair play (adults only, no ice, no ink, no shots to the face)

The event page says Jeanne-Mance Park, but they actually mean Mount Royal Park, near the Georges-Étienne Cartier statue near the corner of Park Ave. and Rachel St. (Jeanne-Mance Park is the one on the East side of Park Ave.)

The Facebook event page has 280 “confirmed” in attendance, but those numbers are always heavily inflated. Expect a few dozen to show up.