The lure of the Digital Life

I was recently invited to appear as the guest on an episode of The Digital Life, a half-hour show on Radio Centre-Ville (CINQ 102.3 FM). Pre-recorded last Wednesday, it aired on Saturday afternoon and is available as a podcast on their website. I was asked about the origin of the name “Fagstein”, what I think of journalists who look down on bloggers, and a few other things.

Digital Life host Reisa Levine and producer Mark Korman

The half-hour went by pretty fast, even though there were no commercials or breaks for news, traffic and weather.

It was my first time at Centre-Ville’s studio (which, despite its name, is actually at St. Laurent and Fairmount – closer to a geographic centre of the city than downtown). I’d say it’s tiny compared to other radio studios, but I can’t really think of any big radio studios these days.

Small studio at Radio Centre-Ville

The show was recorded in the smaller of two studios – another down the hall used for live broadcasts has a much larger table and more microphones. But the quality was fine.

Reisa Levine and Mark Korman have been doing the show for about a year now, since the former hosts stepped aside (as tends to be the case for volunteer work). Levine works at CitizenShift (formerly of the NFB) and is a veteran media producer. Korman is the author of the Montreal Radio Blog, which is worth reading for locals interested in radio.

Recent topics covered include PodCamp and the Citizen Media Rendez-Vous. If you know what those are, this show is probably worth listening to.

I asked them why they do it. Why, when just about everyone is a social media expert and has their own podcast, they would have their own show on the subject and devote so much time at a community radio station that barely anyone can hear.

Levine’s answer was simple: It’s a labour of love. It’s the same reason I write this blog. You do it for yourself.

Makes perfect sense to me.

The Digital Life show airs on Radio Centre-Ville (102.3 FM) every Saturday from 2:30 pm to 3 pm. It also streams live from Radio Centre-Ville’s website and is available as a download from the Digital Life blog.

4 thoughts on “The lure of the Digital Life

  1. reisa

    Hey thanks for the mention Steve! Was fun to have you on the show…. we’ll be following you closely…

    Blog-On !

    Reisa Levine
    Host & Producer of The Digital Life Show

  2. AlexH

    a writing comment: you never use Levine and Korman’s first names anywhere in the text, except in the tags for the images. You might want to include their first names at least once in the text.

    Story comment: It’s great to see volunteers who do stuff because they enjoy it, rather than being a job. I can’t help but think how much better a job people like this would do on Daybreak.

  3. Steve Hatton

    I will give The Digital Life a try next time it comes on. Just wondering, are there any other English programs on CINQ worth listening to? I’m always looking for alternatives to the same-old same-old commercial crap on FM.

    1. Fagstein Post author

      are there any other English programs on CINQ worth listening to

      CINQ programming is in language blocks, with English shows from 10:30pm Friday to 4pm Saturday. I haven’t listened to much of it, so I don’t have any recommendations.


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