4 thoughts on “I hope Jennifer said yes

  1. Vahan

    There was some statistic out a couple of days ago to show that married couples with children were in the minority now. So Jennifer, skip the expense of a wedding and simply give half of everything you own over to Adam. This was lawyers don’t get a pay day and the animosity will be taken care of right at the get go and no children to ruin your shapely body. So from blushing bride to ravenous cougar in one easy step. It happens to everyone, if I were to believe the Facebook pages of the newly divorced, newly body sculpted,tight jeaned, high healed, streaked straightened haired 40 somethings with a couple of bikini on the beach with waves splashing over the buttocks just to make a point she is over him pictures.

  2. Derek Cassoff

    Gazette went a little over the top on this one today, IMO. And Dude doesn’t look very happy in either picture. Maybe he just got his bill from the ad department.


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