14 thoughts on “Caption Radio-Canada’s Pascal Robidas and cameraman waiting for a protest

  1. lop

    This naked ray gun will make them protester think twice… and we’ll get some exciting coverage for the 6:00pm newscast!!

    wait, maybe they’ll like being naked..

  2. Lorne

    “Man, I told you we shouldn’t send a camera crew to cover a demonstration every time we get a prank call”.

  3. Pefder Magfrok

    And if you see any one mooning or flashing — anyone at all and I don’t care how cute she is — you move the camera to someone else toute suite.


  4. Erica Afbee

    OK, now we are finally going to get a video of glass panels falling off the Grande Bibliotheque.

    You watch the camera, I’ll get some rocks for the slingshot.

  5. Éric

    Voilà une belle image qui représente bien les médias montréalais. La grande différence en SRC et CUTV? SRC attend la parade alos que CUTV est dans la parade…avec des moyens beaucoup plus petit. Incoyable comment les médias de grande masse se sont fait donner une leçon durant le conflit étudiant.

  6. Francis

    Yeah, there’s no one yet.
    But wait til they tweet and facebook others that there are media cameras here,
    Watch them “flock” for the show.


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