9 thoughts on “Caption Rogers CEO Nadir Mohamed

  1. Pefder Magfrok

    I am pleased to announce that the winner for worst customer service is… Bell Canada! Woohoo Bell Canada! We at Rogers are really pleased that Bell is number one!

    (Wow I had to pay of the judges bigtime for this one, but it is worth it)

    1. Linda

      Sorry, but Rogers has the worse customer service…I ordered a smart phone on Oct 1, didn’t like it …sent back the VERY NEXT DAY…it is now Nov 2. I still have NO PHONE …either UPS/Brown or Rogers have lost the phone and I cannot order another till the 1st one is removed from my bill…( it’s been 3 wks) This is the worse customer service I have ever had in all my life as a customer/sales clerk ….I am being treated like I did something wrong. OH ,Yes I did I became a Rogers customer…..all kinds of promises made to try to to keep me as a customer..hardware of my choice FREE and a monthly discount….calls back the next day…. Nothing… I have to wait till UPS/Brown does a search for the phone…..DAAAAA should UPS not be the one to be responsible for the phone I had picked up at my door by their carrier? (ps.. I work from 10 pm till 4am at a local casino, now when I get off and have to walk to my car in the dark parking area ..in a high crime area…without the convenience of having My cell phone.you know just in case of a emergency.) I have called Rogers 8 times( I have dates and names) each lasting 1-1/2 hrs long and been passed on from one to another person all sounding like Sympathy cards But not a one to be able to fix the problem. SO Rogers wins the worse customer service award for 2012….so far….. HIP HIP HA RAY

  2. Peter McGill

    We are joining forces with bell and to pursue market synergies and provide a wider range of products and services to our valued customers.

    Translation: We own you and don’t you forget it.


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