The Jewel shuffles its lineup, moves Tasso to drivetime

Not even a month after he started, Tasso has gotten a promotion.

Starting Monday, Paul Zakaib and his alter-ego move to the afternoon drive slot (3-7pm) from mid-mornings.

That shift bumps Bob Coley to weekends. Kris Leblanc, who was doing weekends, will produce the Tasso show as well as doing weekend and fill-in work.

The move means that Tasso will for the second time be in the same time slot as former partner Aaron Rand. Though just as he did when he started doing afternoon drive at Mike FM, Tasso downplays the idea that his music show and Rand’s talk show are directly competing against teach other.

3 thoughts on “The Jewel shuffles its lineup, moves Tasso to drivetime

  1. Mike

    Just wondering if (forget his first name) Silver is programming the Hudson Jewel. With Tasso it would be :back in the saddle again”.

  2. Sue Gr

    Congratulations to Paul/Tasso. You deserve it. I switched to Jewel in the office to catch your show. But seriously, I need to get a better radio in the car now. Sue


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