Elliott Price to host morning show on The Fan 590 in Toronto

Elliott Price

Well, now we know the real reason why Elliott Price canned his daily show on CFMB 1280: He’s moving to Toronto.

Sportsnet announced today that Price takes over as morning co-host at 590 The Fan starting Feb. 27, along with Greg Brady and Hugh Burrill. Their show will be called Sportsnet’s Starting Lineup with Brady & Price, weekdays from 5:30-9am.

I spoke with Price for a story in the Montreal Gazette that appears in Thursday’s paper.

The new show replaces Dean Blundell & Co., which was terminated effective immediately. Blundell said it was a mutual decision.

In Twitter posts (his account is now protected), Blundell gave thanks to Sportsnet:

Thanks to all at Rogers and Sportsnet. Owe a great deal of gratitude. Mutual and in both our best interest to not renew….Everyone at the Fan was super kind to me. Sports deserves people that live it and breathe it. I can’t wait to swim with both arms….and look forward to what’s next.

Because Blundell was such a controversial figure in the biggest market in the country, there’s a lot of coverage of this story from that angle in Toronto: Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, Toronto Sports Media, Barrett Sports Media and The Canadian Press, each with different details and quotes.

Price developed a relationship with Sportsnet, and in particular 590 The Fan program director Dave Cadeau, with his CFMB show, even rebranding it as Sportsnet Tonight.

This change will mean leaving the market he’s worked in for decades, but entering the largest one in the country, and in a prestigious position on top of that. Toronto has both a Sportsnet and TSN radio station, with the Sportsnet station having a 4% overall market share and the TSN station a 0.5% share. But following the popular (though controversial) Blundell won’t be easy.

Price also hasn’t forgotten his former co-host, and sent a public note to his former home suggesting they hire him:

“This is good”

I spoke with Price on Wednesday. He confirmed the obvious, that he knew of his new job when he ended the CFMB show. “They made it clear that they were interested in my services for a couple of months,” he said. “They phoned and said we’re interested in bringing you down here.”

I asked him how long it took for him to say yes.

“Shorter than it took to answer this question,” he said.

Price has spent almost all his broadcasting career in Montreal, at CJAD, CFCF/CIQC, and CKGM (Team 990/TSN 690). Before that he spent three years in New Brunswick and three days in Regina. (“I was out covering a press conference and CJAD called me,” he said of the decision to leave that job so quickly.)

But moving to Toronto wasn’t a difficult decision. “The day the Expos left we were ready to go anywhere and we’ve been in that mood for 12 years,” he said.

Not only is the new job a big step up from CFMB and even a step up from his old one at CKGM — it’s in Canada’s largest sports market, and at a higher-rated sports station — but it gives him a chance to talk less about hockey.

“I’m a baseball fan. I love to talk baseball. I’m glad I get to talk about baseball again. (Montreal is) a one-horse town. There’s the Alouettes and Impact, but people want to hear you talk Habs. I have more interests. I love baseball, I love basketball.”

In Toronto, the Leafs are king, but there are also the Blue Jays and the Raptors.

“There’s no better job (in Montreal) than where I’m going. It would have been easier to just stay in my hometown, but this is good.”

So he’s looking for a place to stay in Toronto. Or, well, his family is looking. “I’m not the boss,” he said. “The boss is scouting.”

What about leaving Montreal? Having to talk about the Leafs instead of the Habs? No problem for Price, since he’s kind of indifferent about either team.

“The Canadiens and the Leafs there’s no difference for me,” he said. “When things go bad, I like to see them go really bad. When they’re good I like to see them go good.”

But he hates the Bruins. And that won’t change in Toronto.

Even talking about the Jays gets him to talk about baseball. The Expos don’t exist anymore, so that rivalry isn’t an issue.

And if the Expos came back?

“We’ll worry about that when the time comes,” he said. “The Expos have been gone for 12 years now, that’s a long time.”

So what will he miss about Montreal?

“Smoked meat and bagels,” he said. He definitely won’t be the first Montreal ex-pat in Toronto who misses Schwartz’s and St-Viateur Bagel.

I also asked him about what he posted to Facebook when he ended the CFMB show, about the English radio market in Montreal and lack of advertisers.

“The problem with the market here is the dwindling language demographic,” he said. He asked me how big Montreal’s English-language market is, and I said it was about the size of Winnipeg. He didn’t really believe it. (Numeris, the company that measures radio ratings, gives Greater Montreal’s anglo market a size of 805,000, and WInnipeg 705,460 in its latest reports.)

But while he said he thought his show was viable, mainly because he didn’t have to worry about covering a lot of overhead in his show’s budget, he put a lot of the blame on himself.

“I did everything, but I’m not a salesman, and I really didn’t do a good job. I did well because I built up a cachet in this town,” he said, noting that a lot of advertisers came to him after he left TSN 690. “I didn’t get out there and sell, and I need to and I didn’t.”

Price is the second former Montreal radio personality to get a job in Toronto this month. Sarah Bartok announced last week she’s joining 93.5 The Move.

UPDATE (Feb. 9): Brady has a long, honest Facebook post today talking about his career, what it’s like to have gotten pushed aside for Blundell, and his new team including Price.

21 thoughts on “Elliott Price to host morning show on The Fan 590 in Toronto

  1. Frank

    So that swipe he took in your previous post, “If you have a chance and a few dollars and think it important, please invest in our future or soon none of us will live here or our culture will be completely gone.” is pretty hypocritical seeing that his move to TO was set. Wish him well, nonetheless.

    1. Fagstein Post author

      So that swipe he took in your previous post, “If you have a chance and a few dollars and think it important, please invest in our future or soon none of us will live here or our culture will be completely gone.” is pretty hypocritical seeing that his move to TO was set.

      Only if you think somehow Elliott Price alone has the power to reverse a long-term demographic change.

      1. Graham

        So Price tells 690 to hire Grant less than a week of cancelling the show? The station that fired Price? A station Grant left to join Price? Hypocritical doesnt even start to describe it.

          1. Steve

            Robinson was a TSN 690 intern before joining Elliot Price(he already had a show on CJLO radio). Don’t know if he was ever paid interning at TSN 690.

  2. Gazoo28

    TSN690 loss is now the Fan590 gain. 690 morning show has not been the same since Price’s departure.
    Congratulations to you Elliott Price and best of luck.

    1. Mario

      Curious to know how are McKenna’s ratings numbers compared to when Price was co-hosting TSN690’s morning show. Good for Price. He brings a wealth of sports knowledge with him. Montreal’s loss … again!!

    2. Brett

      Ever since Price did leave TSN 690 I lost interest in the morning shows.

      Maybe once his show starts it will be time to listen online.

  3. Mario D.

    For once happy news for a radio personality ! Such a rare event ! Price belongs in a big market prime time. He will be just fine in a city that has a super baseball team but will have to settle for the rest of the city s sports franchises.

    Also a clear message (to remain polite) toward his former employer that felt like it was a good idea to give the microphone to such an (obviously cheap ) nobody like McKenna instead of keeping someone who knows his stuff and knows the business also. The day Price left 690 so did i.

  4. Ralph

    The Fan 590 Host Dean Blundell was over his head trying to do Sports Talk Radio imo in a tough market like Toronto. His inexperience showed & Lacked in contacts as well as being a bit of a Dick Head in the beginning but mellowed out towards the end of his tenure with the station. Jessica Rusinak from CBC Radio & TSN 690 worked on Blundell’s show for a year or so. Good to see Mr. Price get The Fan Job as he should not have been let go by TSN 690 considering some the radio folks there who kept their jobs & Stumble along. Good Luck EP…

  5. Ralph

    Fan 590 is bringing back Greg Brady to work with Price. Brady is well known to The Fan having done The Morning Show & a Early Afternoon Show in the past. Andrew Walker who is on The Fan was brought in from Calgary a few years back to work on The Morning Show with Brady & later the two moved to the early afternoon & After awhile Brady left the show with Walker taking the show solo & still doing the show. Now Brady is back once again on The Fan. The third guy Hugh Burill comes over from TV from City TV Toronto & Sportsnet. An interesting trio but then Price worked with two others at TSN 690. Looking forward to hearing the new show…

    1. Gazoo28

      The only one that Price worked with at 690 who was at his level was Denis Casavant.
      Those two made the show.
      Sadly, that is but a distant memory now.
      Fan590 has gained a solid host.
      Too bad 690.

  6. Ian Howarth

    It’s great to see radio people who get axed in Montreal bouncing back. Good on ya, Elliot Price and Sara Bartok. The brain drain continues.

  7. mike in boston

    Thanks for the link and for the good info on Price. It will be interesting to see how well he transitions from Montreal sports to Toronto. Few have trod that ground.

  8. MJP

    Five minutes into his new show and Elliott will wonder why he didn’t move 12 years ago. Toronto is an unbelievable sports city. One can imagine Mitch Melnick and Tony Marinaro wondering when they will be given the opportunity to go to the big leagues.

    1. Mario D.

      Marinaro ? Never in a million years. He is a funny buffoon ,a former obnoxious open line caller himself but still an amateur. Way too honest to join the usual neutral (cough cough) sports hosts. When he is wrong he admits it which is a rare if not unique side of Marinaro’s personnality.

      Melnick although a proven knowledgeable veteran is a Montreal lover before anything else. I doubt that he would sacrifice his quality of life for the sake of making more money. Never say never i agree but still…

      1. Gazoo28

        Melnick surely had his chance to leave Montreal over the years.
        As you say, he is a Montreal lover and at this point in his life/career, would be surprised if he left.

  9. Anonymous

    Elliot Price….really what schtik is he trying to do copy. A comedian actor maybe?
    Very annoying…please do something about it. He is so…so phony


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