Media News Digest: Licence renewals for CKIN and CJRS, Joanne Vrakas is pregnant again

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  • Be careful about your questions, journalists.
  • A high school newspaper spotted a cellphone number for the U.S. secretary of defence on a piece of paper photographed by the Washington Post and used it to conduct an interview with the guy.

At the CRTC




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6 thoughts on “Media News Digest: Licence renewals for CKIN and CJRS, Joanne Vrakas is pregnant again

  1. Michel

    I’m very impressed that Bell Media managed to misspell Laurence Leboeuf’s name in their press release regarding 19-2. It shows great attention to detail from this fledgeling company. P.S. She’s not related to Shia.

    “19-2’s exceptional cast ensemble sees the return of CSA-nominee and Gemeaux winner Laurence Lebeouf (MARCHE À L’OMBRE) as fiery officer Audrey Pouliot”.

    Way to go Bell Media ! Professional as always.

  2. Michael Black

    Meanwhile on the Beryl Wajsman beat, the July 4th edition of The Westmount Independent had a story on the front page “Wajsman declares his candidacy for mayor”.

    It says he’d be filing on July 4th, maybe they should have waited. It says he’ll keep his job at The Suburban if elected. He’s lived in Westmount for the past 15 years it says, better than the “15 out of 30” that I saw before.

    No quotes from upper Westmount. And no straw poll of the dogs in Westmount Park.


  3. Alain

    Cora & Tina are just what the Montreal market needs: fresh faces. I will definitely tune it watch their career trajectories takeoff. I would not be surprised to see local BTs phased out with a national model filling the void Canada AM left behind , especially given all the new news resources available to CITY coast to coast. Dominic Fazioli should get more air time in this new model. Joanne would be a better fit at night. My two cents….

  4. Daniel

    Tina rocks! If I were a suit at CITY TV I’d sign her before CTV or Global execs snap her up. Thank you Tina fro raising the bar. We anglo viewers in Montreal deserve it. Kudos to BT for hiring her and for being the only morning show with an App. I have been watching all summer during my internship in TO.


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