Media News Digest: New CRTC chair, Bell dropped from TuneIn, no love for francophone music

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10 thoughts on “Media News Digest: New CRTC chair, Bell dropped from TuneIn, no love for francophone music

  1. Lance Campeau

    Honestly, I’m pretty doubtful that Bell isn’t behind this removal from TuneIn as they’ve been trying to jam the useless IHeartRadio brand down everyone’s throat for over a year now. For Canada’s biggest media company, they really “thought small” and failed to execute on this project. The website GUI is EMBARRASSINGLY bad, sparse and lacking in even basic details… particularly on mobile devices (the CJAD play button that still does nothing after months of trying on multiple devices). I’m not surprised that Bell has completely mismanaged this media asset because its been a death by 1000 cuts, typical of most Canadian media outlets these days…

  2. Michel

    Why am I not even surprised that Beryl Wajsman doesn’t recognize the existence of a conflict of interest in him potentially being mayor of Westmount and editor of The Suburban.

  3. Michael Black

    I’m slow, but the July 12th edition of the Westmount Independent had a correction on page 6.

    “Beryl Wajsman lives in Westmount and has lived here a total of 15 year, but in two stints starting in 1979”.

    I can think of someone who’s lived in Westmount either all his life, 57 years, or all but the first year or so. And family always living there since the thirties. Riff-raff metis, even related to Louis Riel, though only through marriage and it’s not too direct.

    And above the correction, there’s a letter, “Wajsman is out of touch”. The writer points out that the issues Wajsman specified really don’t have high priority in Westmount.

    No letters this week, the Independent is on summer vacation, the next issue is August 8th.


  4. Marc

    The new CRTC chair is a corporatist shill. Just like a corporate US Democrat who is a puppet of Wall St. Expect nothing to improve.

  5. Jason

    Really annoyed that my favorite Bell Media radio stations are no longer able to stream via TuneIn.
    I can’t stand the advertising on the iHeartRadio app…aren’t there enough ads on the radio already??

    Also, I used to be able to record my favorite radio programs and listen to them at my convenience, but no longer. Not happy.

    1. Steve

      Yes me as well I don’t like I heart radio app I am looking for other app that might bell media stations

  6. dilbert

    The new people are the CRTC are interesting. While some are worried about Scott being a total insider, you only have to look at the FCC under Wheeler to realize that sometimes insiders are not insiders any more for a reason.

    My guess however is that we are back for 5 years of corporate run amok fun, as the CRTC prepares a huge rubber stamp for anything and everything the big companies bring to the table. Centralized programming? STAMP. Local stations becoming meaningless STAMP… I am betting that they are working hard to figure out a way to properly do this for radio as well…

  7. Steve

    Don’t CBC Radio nationally(English Canada) always have new Summer Replacement shows every year(that only air during the summer)?

  8. Benjamin Hunting

    Maybe when Wajsman becomes mayor of Westmount he can pay me the $50 he stiffed me as a writer for one of his publications.

  9. Steve

    Those 3 ET Canada departures are due to cutbacks or not? Will they be replaced? For example, will there be a new Montreal correspondent for ET Canada?


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