The Jewel 106.7 drops Tasso show

Almost three years after hiring him as an on-air host (first at midday, then at afternoon drive), The Jewel 106.7 in Hudson/St-Lazare has dropped Paul Zakaib, aka Tasso Patsikakis.

Tasso confirmed the news on his Facebook page Tuesday, saying “Thanks to everyone for the support over the years, you made it a fun ride. On to the next chapter.”

Program Director Ted Silver takes over the 3-7pm weekday slot on the Jewel’s schedule, which also includes Ted Bird and Tom Whelan in the mornings, John Tesh at midday, and Kris Leblanc on weekends. (Correction: Leblanc tells me that despite what the schedule says, he’s still doing news and traffic on weekday afternoons.)

Silver tells me he will continue as the regular host of the afternoon show, with Leblanc.

“Tasso left large shoes to fill and I don’t presume that I can fill them the way he did, but I’ll do my best to keep our audience entertained and informed,” he said.

Tasso says he’s “already working on something” though he doubts he’ll do another job in radio because of how much it has changed over the years. Despite his decades of experience with Aaron Rand on Q92 and later with Patrick Charles on Mike FM, Tasso’s talents were in front of the microphone with a team, not behind a mixing board alone. Much of music radio these days has become the latter, especially at smaller stations that can’t afford a lot of staff.

9 thoughts on “The Jewel 106.7 drops Tasso show

  1. Anonymous

    There’s fewer tears in radio these days what with fewer people paying attention. When Rand and Tasso’s gig at Q92 dissolved, there were plenty of tears. But what millennial even knows that? Fewer than those who tune in The Jewel 106.7 FM.
    P.S. I thought The Jewel moved to a tight storefront spot in the Pointe-Claire Shopping mall.

    1. Fagstein Post author

      I thought The Jewel moved to a tight storefront spot in the Pointe-Claire Shopping mall.

      It has. It is still licensed to serve Hudson/St-Lazare though, and its transmitter is still in that area.

  2. dilbert

    Without a doubt, Tasso is always much better in a group setting. He tends to play well off of others, his humor often coming on the spot based on the comments of others. A lonely, one man radio show to a smallish audience doesn’t give him a lot of play with, more time pushing buttons and sliding faders and less time gabbing and making the day better. He’s the perfect second banana in an industry that often seems no longer to even bother installing a second chair in the studio.

    Good luck Paul… you’ll find something new soon enough!

  3. Brett

    I’m probably one of the few under 30 to say Tasso is the reason I went to broadcast school. One of my favorite radio host. Going to miss him.

  4. Cheryl D'Silva

    Sorry folks my husband and myself WERE loyal listeners from the very beginning, as a matter of fact even before the Jewel became an established radio station back in fall of 2014. Tasso was the life of the party and a consummate gentleman and the reason for our loyalty to 106.7 f.m. and had the pleasure of meeting him in person at the IGA promotional. We have promoted the station from the start and we were proud new listeners on board. Now, we 2 are signing off for good!
    Cheryl and Brian

  5. Anu Smeets

    We looked forward to listening to Tasso daily.
    His leaving is not a good thing for the station.
    We have also signed off as a result.
    Wishing you all the best Tasso, in all your new endeavors.
    Thanks for the great show.
    You will be sorely missed!
    Hope our paths cross again sometime in the future.
    J and A

  6. Cheryl

    Ohnooo, it was just this week that I found out that Tasso was still in radio. I loved the Aaron and Tasso show. Can’t find radio like that anymore. Missed you, Paul “Tasso” then found you and now lost you again. Good luck in your future endeavors.


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