CTV, searching for a Canadian Roseanne, greenlights pilot for family sitcom set in Scarborough

As the camera pans around the table, several members of a working-class family sit down for a family dinner and are very polite and do not laugh or mistreat each other in any way.

If it’s familiar, it’s no coincidence. CTV is banking off the success of the Roseanne reboot to push a Canadian sitcom about a family in Scarborough that is struggling to make ends meet, has difficulty with social change and is really excited to vote for Doug Ford.

“With Ford’s win all but certain at this point, we want to get our foot in the door and capture those viewers who are part of Ford Nation,” said CTV vice-president of programming May Duppe. “We have plenty of cop dramas and medical dramas. We need a better way to connect with that government-hating, car-driving not-too-openly-racist segment of the population, and we think this will get us there.

“Honestly, we don’t know what else we could do. We’ve run out of ways to reboot Corner Gas.”

The untitled series, to start shooting this summer, will air starting in the fall.

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