Man files complaint after Canadian celebrity fails to like complimentary tweet

Ronald Nuttriel of Sault Ste. Marie, Ont., says he regrets having to take the extreme step of reporting Canadian TV actor Erica Bryk’s Twitter account, but that he had no choice after noticing that she failed to like a complimentary tweet he sent her three days ago, even though she was clearly active on the social media platform since then and liked several other tweets from fans.

“I thought I was doing something nice,” Nuttriel said about sending a tweet on Thursday congratulating Bryk on her new Canadian cop drama and noting she “looked great today” in a TV interview. “But no retweets or likes, nothing. Meanwhile she likes seventeen tweets sent after mine, including four that are just links to news stories and one that’s just a thumbs up. What kind of message does that send?”

Nuttriel said the non-liking is affecting how he is viewing the award-winning actor as a person, and added that she may be overrated anyway. He said he is thinking of calling her a bitch.

Bryk did not respond to a tweet seeking comment. Which is so typical of her.

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