Media News Digest: More repeats on CBC News Network, QCNA Awards, new editors at Toronto Star and Le Devoir

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  • The commission held a hearing this week where four radio stations begged for their lives, err, I mean explained their chronic issues with licence compliance — CKMN-FM Rimouski, CHOC-FM Saint-Rémi, CKWR-FM Kitchener and CKUN-FM Christian Island. The transcript is here.
  • A commission letter to the Bell Fund, an independent production fund set up by Bell to dole out some of its mandatory contributions to Canadian content, says that its board makeup appears to be insufficiently independent of Bell. This is part of a complaint by several broadcasting groups that a new program set up by the fund unfairly discriminates against smaller broadcasters.
  • RNC Media has asked the CRTC to maintain its Independent Local News Fund allocation despite having shut down TV station CKRN-DT in Abitibi. RNC says it has moved all CKRN’s news resources to CFVS (its V affiliate) and produces the same amount of local news in the market as before.
  • Colba.Net has thrown in the towel on a TV distribution service in Ontario, and handed its licence back to the commission.
  • Native radio station CKOK-FM Nain, N.L., has been told it can’t be exempt from the national public alerting system, despite the argument that such a regulation is at odds with UNESCO’s Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions.
  • Licence renewals for Pattison-owned radio stations CKWD-FM (Wild 95.3) Calgary and CKNO-FM (102.3 NOW!) Edmonton

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  • The Quebec Community Newspaper Association awards winners list has been posted. In the overall newspaper category, first place goes to Kahnawake’s Eastern Door, and second and third place to two editions of The Suburban.



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7 thoughts on “Media News Digest: More repeats on CBC News Network, QCNA Awards, new editors at Toronto Star and Le Devoir

  1. Brett

    As someone who watches the CBC News Network not happy that second half hour will be a repeat. I’m sure it’s going to cause viewers to tune out. I won’t for sure watdh past first half hour.

    1. Jacob Nelson

      That and with all the adverts they air it’s just getting ridiculous. And no I don’t believe the lack of funds argument, they just got a huge influx of cash from the government. Seems like the CBC wants to kill off it’s traditional media assets as it tries and will probably fail, to move digital. What I don’t understand is yes, moving digital is a good idea, but what happens when no one is watching you anymore because you keep cutting back your existing assets. The CBC needs a management reset.

      1. JDB

        If CBC isn’t the #1 network News to Canadians coast to coast than massive layoffs & restructuring should occur until it it is. CBC Montréal needs a makeover front and back of the house stat!

  2. Steve

    This may be the end of watching CBCNN for me. The weekend editions are barely watchable at the moment as it seems only two or three major stories are covered in the 30-minute slot before it repeats.

    At least on weekdays, they had a whole hour so not only were major stories covered in-depth, but there was plenty of time for lesser news, sports, entertainment. Now, CBCNN will either have to cram all of this into 30 mins which means 30-second reports on each story or it’ll be like the weekend edition where only three topics are covered.

    1. Mike

      Wonder how CBCNN will do with stories live in first 30 min. Will stories suffer due to less live times before repeat?

    2. Michel

      Surprised CBC doesn’t fill that half hour with recorded magazine type content, maybe borrow the BBC or some other international broadcast. Or maybe a relay of a regional news show (Toronto News).

      On the CHUM FM rebrand, my wild guess is that, like with TSN and Virgin, Bell will expand it to other stations like CHQM Vancouver, CFLY Kingston and CIOO Halifax. All will be called CHUM FM. Only a guess, though…


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