TV and radio broadcast plans for Quebec 2018 election night

I put together a short guide for Monday’s Montreal Gazette about how to follow election results on TV, radio and online tonight. Here are the plans from each broadcaster in more detail:

CBC Television

Election special begins at 8pm. Hosted by Debra Arbec, Nancy Wood and Sean Henry, with poll analyst Éric Grenier.

The special will stream on the Facebook pages of CBC Montreal and CBC Ottawa and on YouTube (embedded above).


Election special begins at 8pm on CTV Montreal and CTV News Channel (CTV Montreal’s broadcast of this week’s episode of The Good Doctor has been moved to 7pm). Hosted by Mutsumi Takahashi and Paul Karwatsky, with commentary from Antonia Maioni, David Heurtel, Gilles Duceppe, Marlene Jennings and Andy Nulman.

The special will also be streaming on and the CTV News GO app.

Global TV

No election special in primetime, but the 11pm newscast will be a special election wrap, hosted by Jamie Orchard with Dan Delmar, Sébastien Dallaire and David Akin, and reporters in Roberval (Philippe Couillard’s riding), Quebec City and Montreal.

Facebook lives and video as news warrants, with live results online.


No election special in primetime, but the 11pm newscast will be a special election wrap. Elias Makos will have updates on tight races and important ridings, and there will be live coverage from the four parties. 11pm special will stream online, and there will be a live ticker on the website.

Radio-Canada télé/RDI

Election special begins at 6:30pm on RDI and 7:30pm on ICI Radio-Canada télé. Hosted by Patrice Roy, with Sébastien Bovet, Michel C. Auger, Chantal Hébert, Martine Biron.

Streams live on YouTube (embedded above) and Facebook.

(Outside Quebec, Radio-Canada télé will be airing the movie Les Boys III during primetime.)


Coverage begins at 6:30pm on LCN, 7:30pm on TVA. Hosted by Pierre Bruneau with Jean-Marc Léger, Mario Dumont, Paul Larocque and Emmanuelle Latraverse.

The network is livestreaming its coverage here.

CJAD 800

Election Night special begins at 8pm, hosted by Aaron Rand and Leslie Roberts, alternating in 15-minute blocks. Rand will be joined by Tom Mulcair, and Roberts by Anne Lagacé Dowson and Lise Ravary. Will include leaders’ speeches and call-in reaction from listeners at the end of the night. Streaming online and through the iHeartRadio app.

CBC Radio One

Election special on CBC Montreal and the Quebec Community Network begins at 8pm, hosted by Mike Finnerty and Susan Campbell with Bernard St-Laurent and Joanne Bayly. Live streaming online.


Coverage begins at 7pm. Hosted by Mathieu Beaumont, with Bernard Drainville, Luc Lavoie and Marie-France Bazzo. “More than 10” journalists from Cogeco Nouvelles will cover various regions.

ICI Première

Election coverage begins at 7pm, with a pregame show hosted by Marie Grégoire and Vincent Graton. The election special begins at 7:30pm, hosted by Jean-Sébastien Bernatchez, with journalists Annie Desrochers and Marie-Hélène Tremblay, and analysts Lise Bissonnette and Alex Castonguay. Live stream from their website.


Election special begins at 7pm, hosted by Myriam Ségal and Eric Duhaime, with Bernard Drainville, Luc Lavoie and Luc Ouellet.

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