Cousin Vinny leaving The Beat, to be replaced by Andy Wilson

The Beat's Vinny Barrucco

A surprise announcement this morning at The Beat 92.5: Morning man “Cousin” Vinny Barrucco will be leaving his job to pursue another opportunity. His last day is Friday.

At the same time, the station announced that his replacement will be Andy Wilson, former producer of the morning show on Toronto’s Virgin Radio 99.9. Wilson starts on Monday. The new show will be called “Mornings with Nikki, Sam and Andy.”

Barrucco didn’t say what his new opportunity would be, only that he’s “gonna be taking a break from radio for a little while” and “will announce my next move in the coming months.”

A months-long break might suggest a move to a competitor, which requires him to stay off the air for a while first (generally for three months). But there’s no obvious opening at Virgin Radio (which Barrucco left to join The Beat shortly after it launched in 2011) or CHOM.

“I’ve been on the air for almost 15 years so I’m looking forward to taking a step back and enjoying quality time with my wife and newborn daughter,” Barrucco wrote in his Facebook post. Barrucco and wife Tina Oliveri had daughter Sia born in August.

7 thoughts on “Cousin Vinny leaving The Beat, to be replaced by Andy Wilson

  1. Dilbert

    My take is that Vinny is the one that chose to leave (ie, he didn’t “disappear” or anything like that). I also think that he has wisely figured out that he has conquered that hill (morning show on a music station) in this town, and there is little left to prove. In reality, it’s probably downhill from here, which isn’t a good idea.

    The timing suggests something possibly already lined up for the fall, like possibly something in Television or similar. Vinny doesn’t actually have a face for radio, which means he has a chance in public view.

    The other (common) choice it to move to Toronto to a bigger market. But from his quote, it suggests that Radio isn’t the plan.

  2. Bruce

    so because of non compete claus…three months…let us assume Bell made an offer that could not be refused…for this market only three options if he remains in the English market…Virgin mornings, CHOM mornings, CJAD mornings ?….Bell would not spend the money for a name in any other sector ……getting back morning market share on Virgin..perhaps a complete revamp where they are in a steady decline and no way out except a known talent

    1. Graham

      If Bell did make him an offer, he’s going to replace someone regardless. all this happening the day before #BellLetsTalk. Now that’s Bell.

    2. Anonymous

      Dimonte is not leaving CHOM. CJAD? not a fit. The Virgin Morning show is the only show according to PPM which is still consistently beating the Beat’s in every demographic so your statement is not accurate.

      1. Dilbert

        Of course, there is always the possibility that Virgin would go for a “format change” of basically the same music but with a different brand. They could toss Vinny in the mornings and claim to be all new…

        1. Anonymous

          Bell not afraid to get rid of people either in a major shake up…too much same sound day after day…whatever Vinny might get in salary will be made up in a salary dump of others….if Chris Bury really wanted Vinny don’t think that would be a problem as he has done before from The Beat, Ken Conners, Natasha Hall….some back room people…there are ways to beat the opposition…format, talent and stealing talent from the competition…

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