Sean Henry to replace Mike Finnerty as CBC Daybreak host

Sean Henry (CBC photo)

CBC this week finally revealed that Mike Finnerty is leaving as Daybreak host, a month after the job was posted to replace him. This morning, Finnerty announced on the air that his permanent replacement will be Sean Henry, who currently hosts the late-night local newscasts on CBC Television.

Henry has been with CBC for 15 years now, first at CBC Windsor then in Quebec since 2012. Before that, he worked for Global Quebec and 940 News.

I know of Henry only in passing, but he’s a solid broadcaster, and most people will tell you that he’s one of the nicest people they know with a strong sense of humour. That should serve him well, as it did Finnerty.

Henry takes over in January, after a few more weeks hosting the TV news. Rebecca Ugolini will sit in as interim host until then.

5 thoughts on “Sean Henry to replace Mike Finnerty as CBC Daybreak host

  1. Viewer

    Sean is a solid journalist and great on air. He should have been recognized years ago for his talent. He’s a local Montrealer who speaks French and has a fun personality. Why has it taken so long for CBC bosses to promote him? This year we are seeing media companies finally acknowledge that systemic racism has marginalized talented journalists of colour— making them weekend anchor or Quebec City reporter. But never the big host. Now in 2020 we have breakthroughs. Maya and Sean are hopefully just the start. Next we need bosses of colour.

  2. MBR

    Congrats to him, but he’ll probably get booted out of the chair in a year when Mike Finnerty gets tired of slinging cheese… again.

  3. Frank Cavallaro

    Sean is a great guy, worked with him for 12 years. Hard worker and one of the best dressed on television. Too bad we won’t see his colourful fashion style on radio. Good luck.

  4. Sandi Brown

    Daybreak has become unlistenable. I was excited for Sean when it was announced, now I’m counting the days for when his contract expires. I hope he finds his niche where he can actually shine. He’s not a natural, even after all this time and I was pulling for him. Seems like a really nice guy. Daybreak has always sparkled with conversation, interviews, witty banter to various degress. It’s become dull, unimagiantive, plodding, inane. Do you know how badly I feel saying this? I’ve listened to Daybreak forever, my morning caffeine double double. I remember when I suggested that the program should be called Davebreak, with all the Daves on the program with my iconic irrepressible Dave Bronstetter, the gold standard bearer for originality and smarts. Each host brought something and left their mark. I’m still waiting for that to happen. Actually, I still keep trying to listen but for the first time since I started with Daybreak eons ago, I can’t do it any more. He sticks to a script, gives the weather multiple times (is that totally necessary), and then thanks listeners for joining in to listen, word for word, every time. C’mon Sean. Improvise a little. I tried emailing the program, with all due respect, but no one ever replied. Another sign of listener neglect? I have trouble listening to his inteviews, factual errors, missed opportunities in questions. This is not CBC Daybreak, it’s CBC Dullbreak. Does CBC still know how to program a morning show? ‘Cuz I’m in mourning! Devoted listener siiting shiva…..Am I the only one? And now Rebekka is regularly guest hosting and I have to listen to replays of Ainsley’s interviews too? Gimme a (day)break. I woke up to Sean Lyons guest hosting on a recent Monday, waking up, and I thought I was smiling in my dreams. It was Sean but sounded like……… a Dave Bronstetter. He sparkled. Are these try outs?? Sean deserves better and so do we. Only my take. And sports every few minutes. Traffic, okay, but how about something more than filler.


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