Is Mike Finnerty leaving Daybreak again?

Mike Finnerty ad from a previous Daybreak stint

Despite his professed love for Montreal and his work as host of CBC’s radio morning show Daybreak, Mike Finnerty has already left it twice to go to the U.K., first in 2009 to work for The Guardian (he was replaced by Nancy Wood, but within a year she was dropped and he came back), and again last year on a seven-month leave to be a cheesemonger.

So maybe it’s not too surprising that CBC has posted his job again. But this time it’s a 12-month renewable contract, which is what you’d expect from a permanent host. Is he leaving for good (again)?

In a brief response when I asked him if he’s taking another leave of absence, Finnerty said: “Nope, nothing to announce for now, and no other comment.”

CBC Montreal also had no comment on the matter.

The job was posted yesterday, and Finnerty hosted Daybreak this morning. Assuming he isn’t being removed from the position, the logical explanation is he’s been selected for another job that hasn’t been announced yet. (Finnerty has hosted The Current as a fill-in, but Matt Galloway was picked for that job, and Ismaila Alfa was just named as Galloway’s replacement as host of Metro Morning in Toronto.)

5 thoughts on “Is Mike Finnerty leaving Daybreak again?

  1. Jon Simon

    I really enjoyed Nancy Wood when she hosted and setup a Facebook page to support her when they didn’t retain her. She has my vote if she wants to return to that.

  2. Listener

    Nancy Wood is smart, she has a great voice and she knows how to pronounce French names with accuracy and ease. It’s too bad they pushed her aside for Mike, who has a very low key on air style. Jamie Orchard would also be a great choice.


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