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Time to water the snow?

Stupidest thing I’ve heard today: People in Quebec City are watering the snow on their lawns to get them to melt faster.

Aside from the insane waste of a precious resource, the potential damage caused to a lawn that’s overwatered, the inefficacy of melting snow with water, and the much more sane alternatives available (like, say, shoveling it or just waiting a week for it to melt on its own), isn’t it a really bad idea to intentionally flood the area around your home during flood season?

The Decarie Canal & Car Wash: 20 years later

Coolopolis reminds us of an anniversary anyone over 30 remembers vividly: July 14, 1987. On one hand, Tim Raines of the Montreal Expos was named the MVP of the Major-League Baseball All-Star game. On the other hand, overnight rainfall was measured not in millimetres but in feet, and the Decarie Expressway became so flooded cars had to be abandoned in place.

CTV’s Rob Lurie has a lookback at the Flood of ’87 with some memorable (and to us young’uns, unbelievable) pictures like this one:

The Flood of ‘87

For more reminiscing, check out Radio-Canada’s archives. (Wow, did people really dress like that?)