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Our honoured mothers

Sunday’s Gazette, in honour of mother’s day (Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!), features an article about Montreal’s mommy-bloggers, including of course the Mère Indigne. The article comes with a giant picture of Caroline Allard and kids, as well as a sidebar focusing on Quebec’s most famous mommyblogger.

I wrote about Allard and Mère Indigne in 2007 when her first book came out. The article isn’t online, but I just posted it here, along with questions I asked her back then via email. She screwed me over saddened her readers back then by announcing she was putting her blog on hiatus. Of course, like a bad drug she couldn’t stop with the blogging, posting stuff to a second blog. And she wrote another book. And created a web series for Radio-Canada.

All while raising two children.

Susan Semenak’s article also discusses other Quebec mommybloggers, whom we honour on this day: