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Just because it’s Facebook doesn’t make it news

Why is “someone expresses opinion about recent events on Facebook” always considered news? Yeah, there are Facebook groups (actually I found only one that has more than a few members) denouncing the rumoured Immigration Canada decision to discourage the traditional Sikh family names Singh and Kaur for new immigrants (a decision which the government clarified later wasn’t actually the case). But there are more members in the group demanding that the Spice Girls do a show in Montreal.

When was the last time a paper petition with 500 signatures got this much attention?

Hate will cure our country

There are those in Canada (outside Quebec) who believe the best solution to the issue of Quebec separation is to simply let it happen. These people, tired of being asked to learn French in order to work in the federal government, think allowing Quebec to separate will turn Canada into the English-speaking-only paradise it is meant to be.

The website Canada Divided represents one of these groups. They think all Quebecers are francophones and all francophones are separatists. Without them, they argue, language purity can be achieved. French is not part of the “Canadian identity” and somehow represents “ethnic segregation” (a xenophobic website denouncing segregation — now that’s balls).

The website is pretty bare, just a web forum and some links to videos. The videos are posted to YouTube, including:

  • This one where a skinhead oppressed anglophone seems to think that the only people hired to bilingual public-sector jobs in this country are unilingual francophones
  • This one which warns that the media (which, as we all know, is part of a giant Jewish francophone conspiracy) is ignoring the growing threat of multiculturalism against our fine country.
  • This one points out for all us stupid people that the French civil code, which Quebec law is based on, is actually COMMUNISM, and that Quebec is secretly annexing the rest of Canada.
  • This one notes that all our health care funding issues are a direct result of the government wasting money promoting bilingualism.

Honestly, it’s really hard not to invoke the obvious comparisons that come to mind. Couldn’t they at least have picked a non-bald guy and had him speak in front of a non-black background, maybe have him smile a bit?

Three deaths for $40

I don’t know what’s saddest about this story (The Gazette has a less-conclusionary article):

  • That an ethnic cabbie’s fear of being racially profiled led to him keeping information about (apparently) accidental deaths to himself
  • That guilt from this led to him committing suicide
  • That the lack of any family or friends in the city led to him not being discovered for months after his death
  • That just about every story mentions that the two dead Americans were “adult” “models” as if that mitigates matters at all
  • That a $40 unpaid cab fare led to a chase through a field late at night and eventually three deaths
  • That this story makes sense at all, and the actions, while perhaps not all justified, seem understandable
  • That the first question that comes to mind about this is “who takes a $40 cab ride to Laval to go to an after-hours club?”

CJNT: America is a culture, right?

It seems Global’s second network of stations they don’t know what else to do with is being rebranded. Starting in September, CH stations (including Montreal’s CJNT-62) will become E! Yes, that E! Only it’s E! in Canada.

This is significant for a number of reasons, the most distressing of which is that CJNT is supposed to be Montreal’s ethnic station, but because ethnic programming isn’t a money-maker, the station was bought out by a company which was in turn bought out by CanWest/Global. They petitioned the CRTC to agree to only 50% ethnic programming during prime time, and though they were denied that request, they still have quite a bit of U.S. network programming in their prime time schedule.

So what was once a struggling 100% ethnic programming station (albeit one that only broadcast for about 12 hours a day) will now include programming that Canadians clearly need on an over-the-air channel: Celebrity gossip and second-rate U.S. network TV shows.

They even have a video with Ryan Seacresty good ness (he even mentions our country’s name!)

Journalist, diss thyself (now with video)

So Concordia journalism prof Ross Perigoe was all like “hey Gazoo, you be all racist, mofo!

And Gazette editor-in-chief Andrew Phillips was all like “oh no you didn’t!”

And Ross was like “yuh-uh, I looked at 362 articles you done published just after 9/11 and you be all negative ‘gainst Muslims, biatch!”

And Andrew was like “why you be all up in our journalists’ face man?”

And Ross was like “hey man, hate the game, not the playah, yous peeps be cool, yo, they’s just part of the oppressive system.”

Ross be all done write a thesis ’bout this cuz he got no life.

And so Ross was like “you didn’t do enough to fight back against racist tendencies, you white-ass crackah”

And Andrew was like “dude, it was right after frickin’ 9/11! What are you, brain damaged or somethin’?”

And then this guy Rachad was like “Ross dude, you need to review your methodology.”

And Andrew was like “oh snap! Pwned!”

And there was a Gazette journalist right there and he wrote about the whole thing. Dude.

UPDATE: YouTube has video of the question period. Perigoe’s speech and Phillips’s rebuttal are on Google Video.

The Concordian covers it here.

The Crazy Left unaccommodating on accommodation

A gaggle of the usual radical left subjects is already condemning a debate on reasonable accomodation as “racist and sexist.”

Their diatribe produces golden gems of sociological claptrap like this:

In this respect, we reassert the dynamic nature of the various manifestations of our beliefs or cultural identities, which express themselves within a larger social and political context.

In particular, we observe that the analysis of the oppression of women and gender inequality, as expressed in the mass media, as strictly a phenomenon internal to religions, explicitly ignores the external, universal systems of patriarchy and sexism which all women face, while also definitively homogenizing religion.

Among the things they denounce:
– mass media
– the State
– capitalism (not quite sure what that has to do with Hérouxville)
– “imperialist feminist discourse”, whatever that is
– war proponents
– colonialism/imperialism

Things not denounced:
– oppressive religions